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Call Your Next Witness - Aisling Jumper of Trans Re

June 3, 2021

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<span class="break-words"><span><span dir="ltr"><a href="" data-attribute-index="0" data-entity-hovercard-id="urn:li:fs_miniProfile:ACoAAAC_zscBpV7kj4yu4-wvE1c0fBsPejIM3go" data-entity-type="MINI_PROFILE"><strong>Aisling Jumper</strong></a> had a "typical" introduction into the insurance world -- by working at a call center in County Galway, Ireland, speaking Spanish to international travelers on holiday.   You know -- "typical."</span></span></span>

Aisling ended up going to law school, and has been involved in the insurance world ever since, whether at a law firm, with a third-party administrator, or working directly for Trans Re, where she is currently working as a coverage attorney. Aisling's enthusiasm for insurance is palpable in this interview, as <strong><a href="">Georgia Coats</a></strong> and <strong><a href="">Brian Gibbons</a></strong>  delve (unironically) into the "glamorous and sexy" world of D &amp; O claims and insurance policy analysis with Aisling.

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<div class="feed-shared-text relative feed-shared-update-v2__commentary ember-view" dir="ltr"><span class="break-words"><span><span dir="ltr">If you've ever wondered what prompts a young lawyer to enter -- and stay in -- the world of insurance, then our interview with Aisling on "Call Your Next Witness," is certainly worth a listen.   You can download <a href="">here</a>.</span></span></span></div>


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