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Hip, Hop, Shoot, and Sue.

May 12, 2010

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Hip-hop artist Remy K. Smith has cultivated a persona often described as violent and anti-social. But it seems that even violent, anti-social hip-hop artists apparently crave the attention of a good birthday party in their honor. Remy invited plaintiff Makeda Barnes-Joseph to the party and then allegedly proceeded to shoot her guest, thus solidifying her reputation. The plaintiff filed suit against not just Remy but, in addition, against Universal Music Group, claiming that they negligently promoted Remy's violent persona for profit but took no steps to prevent her from shooting people. The court rejected the claim against Universal Music on the narrow ground that Universal did not emply Remy (they just had a recording contract with her) and that, in any event, their relationship had ended before the rousing birthday party. <a href=""></a>
Posted by Georgia Stagias

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