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WCM Achieves Defense Verdict and Favorable Verdict in Harrisburg, PA Jury Trial

October 11, 2022

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WCM Partner Bob Cosgrove obtained a defense verdict and favorable verdict in a four day jury trial in Harrisburg, PA.  In the case of <em>Joel and Barbara Turk v. Susquehanna Township EMS and Beth Miles</em>, Joel Turk, a dentist, was being transported to the hospital by Susquehanna Township EMS and its EMT Beth Miles.  During the course of the transport, Beth Miles lost control of the ambulance and crashed into two trees and one pole – the accident was so significant that Beth had to be cut out of the ambulance with the jaws of life.  Joel Turk claimed that the accident exacerbated pre-existing back injuries that rendered him unable to return to work as a dentist and caused him more than $500,000 in past and future lost wages.  His wife Beth made standard loss of consortium claims.  Plaintiffs claimed that Susquehanna Township EMS was negligent in its hiring, training and supervision of Beth Miles and that Beth Miles was negligent in her operation of the ambulance.

After hearing all of the evidence, the 12 person jury unanimously determined that Susquehanna Township EMS was not negligent, but found that Beth Miles was 100% negligent.  The jury rejected, however, the plaintiffs’ claims that the injuries suffered in the accident were life altering.  They awarded total damages of $31,165.01 – an award that included $2,804.46 in stipulated out of pocket medical expenses and $6,860.55 in stipulated incidental expenses.  No money was awarded for the loss of consortium claim, $15,000 was awarded for a loss of past income and $6,500 was awarded for pain and suffering.

For more information about this case or WCM’s trial practice, please contact <a href="">Bob Cosgrove</a>.


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