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About Us

Wade Clark Mulcahy opened its doors in 1994 guided by a simple principle: Results Speak for Themselves.

The superior and cost-effective results achieved for our insurance and corporate clients have spoken. WCM now has four offices across three states, including in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Long Island, and serves its clients in matters across the country.

WCM is a firm of trial lawyers who partner with our clients to devise effective strategies to manage risk and to bring closure to complex matters as quickly as possible. And if the matter warrants, we stand ready to fight the end game – – whether trial by jury or argument to an appellate bench.


WCM is committed to maintaining our reputation for excellence and to letting our results speak for themselves. So, if you need help sorting out a legal mess, count on us. WCM solves defense and coverage issues cleanly, quickly and efficiently.

About Us

Best Practices

Partner Participation

A partner reviews all substantive correspondence, letters and reports to our clients, and reviews every dispositive motion before it is served and filed.

Prompt Communication

We respond to our client’s telephone calls or e-mails within 24 hours, if not sooner. Clients are immediately advised of arbitration dates, mediation dates and trial dates. Clients should never have to ask twice for anything. Top quality service to our clients is our shared vision.

Result Driven Strategies

We are not file processors or paper pushers. Our focus is on the end result and we execute a strategy designed to achieve our client’s goal. Every call, every letter, every analysis of every document in the file, and every discussion with the other side is undertaken as part of our mutual strategy.

Attorney Accountability

Files are not shuffled from associate to associate. Whenever possible, the assigned attorney appears at the deposition or substantive court conference. When that cannot happen, our attorneys are still prepared to be the “answer person.”

Best Practices
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