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Bad Construction or New Damage? -- A Question For The Art World.

October 26, 2010

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Interest in post war and contemporary art is beginning to return to pre-Lehman levels -- <a href=""></a> This good development should raise some eyebrows in the art insurance world. Why? Because post war and contemporary art suffers from two problems: (a) it is often created with novel techniques and from composite materials – techniques and materials that can be difficult to replicate; and (b) because of (a), post war and contemporary art often degrades or deteriorates at a much faster rate than the old masters. Restorations are thus becoming more common and necessary than one would expect with pieces of such recent provenance – <a href=";ref=science">;ref=science</a> This fact should be remembered the next time a shipping or other loss comes in. Insurers must ask themselves – is it new damage resulting from an occurrence, or rather simply part of the inherent and rapid degradation process inherent to post war and contemporary art?
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