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Breaking News: 9/11 Litigation Settlement

March 12, 2010

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The 9/11 terrorist attacks have generated much litigation. In a just announced $657,000,000 settlement, one piece of the litigation, the MC 100 on-the-pit litigation has just settled -- pending approval from the court and the 10,000 plaintiffs. The court will now be free to turn its focus onto the MC 102 and MC 103 litigations which involve the 3,000+ plaintiffs who worked on the post 9/11 clean-up of buildings outside of the immediate WTC zone. There are a number of outstanding questions. Will the settlement be anywhere near as large? How will any future settlement be funded in those cases involving private landowners, contractors and vendors? At the least, the framework for this MC 100 settlement will shape the template used in any potential settlement of the off site (MC 102) and combination (MC 103) litigations. Stay tuned as the details and framework of the MC 100 settlement become public.
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