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Call Your Next Witness - Angela Levitan of ARCCA Discusses Biomechanical and Human Factors Analysis

June 17, 2021

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Generally, I'm amused by the term "human factors" in the context of expert testimony.  Doesn't everything involving people necessarily involve human factors?    When I was a prosecutor, I was similarly amused by the "Anti-Crime" police unit.   As opposed to the "pro crime" unit?    Apologies for the Faulkner-esque stream of consciousness rant...

In the forensic sense, human factors and biomechanics -- which often overlap to some degree -- are specific terms of art.  And they can be critical to assessing liability and damages, respectively, in the accident context.

As we discuss in the next episode of Call Your Next Witness, the WCM podcast, these fields are in Angela Levitan's wheelhouse.  She is an engineer, bio-mechanist and human factors expert providing analysis, consultation, and where appropriate, testimony to assist litigants at trial.   Simply stated, Angela can provide forensic support to the "common sense" arguments that we often consider during the claim investigation, to wit, "there's no way this accident happened the way the plaintiff says."   Angela can help confirm or refute our theories early in the game.

Angela has provided expert analysis for us on many occasions, and if she cannot help your case for whatever reason, she'll tell you that -- which renders Angela's opinion utterly credible.   Our discussion focuses on Angela's general approach, and some of the interesting claims she has handled over the years.   We also discuss my theory that Hooper from Jaws is the quintessential expert consultant.  Listen to our interview with Angela on <strong><a href="">Call Your Next Witness</a></strong>!   If you'd like to discuss being a guest, or podcast content in general, please reach out to <a href="">Brian Gibbons</a> or <a href="">Georgia Coats</a>.

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