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Call Your Next Witness - Ross Mallor of PM Legal

September 15, 2021

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<span>On today's episode of the <strong>Call Your Next Witness</strong> podcast, </span><span>we welcome </span><a href="" data-attribute-index="4" data-entity-hovercard-id="urn:li:fs_miniProfile:ACoAAAVcnCEBDNdaXi1bmBs9Jb_MR1evxoSwh44" data-entity-type="MINI_PROFILE">Ross Mallor</a><span> of </span><a href="" data-attribute-index="6" data-entity-hovercard-id="urn:li:fs_miniCompany:35537356" data-entity-type="MINI_COMPANY">PM Legal</a><span>.</span>

<span>Ross is a true entrepreneur in the litigation </span><span>arena in the northeast United States. Since joining his father at PM Investigations, now PM Legal, the company has grown from a 2-person investigation company into a 200+ employee company, which conducts investigations for both plaintiffs and defendants, provides litigation support, </span><span>handles service of process and court</span><span> filings, and is also now affiliated with </span><a href="" data-attribute-index="11" data-entity-hovercard-id="urn:li:fs_miniCompany:975059" data-entity-type="MINI_COMPANY">elaw</a><span> and </span><a href="" data-attribute-index="13" data-entity-hovercard-id="urn:li:fs_miniCompany:7959581" data-entity-type="MINI_COMPANY">Lexitas</a><span>.</span>

<span>Ross takes advantage of technological innovations, keeps an open mind about new opportunities, and most importantly, listens to his clients. Aside from that, Ross is a fantastic storyteller</span><span>, and in this interview, relays some great stories about his business practices over the years, a few about conducting surveillance</span><span>, and even one about playing poker with actor Kevin Pollack. (This story is worth the price of admission.) For more information about Ross's company, check out </span><a href="" data-attribute-index="18"></a>

<span>Listen to my interview with Ross here: </span><a href="" data-attribute-index="19"></a><span> -- or search for Call Your Next Witness wherever you download podcasts.   If you are interested in being a guest<strong>, </strong>please email <a href="">Brian Gibbons</a> or <a href="">Georgia Coats</a>.</span>

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