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Call Your Next Witness - Dr. Justin P. Schorr

August 4, 2021

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<span>On this week's episode, Georgia Coats and Brian Gibbons interview </span><a href="" data-attribute-index="1" data-entity-hovercard-id="urn:li:fs_miniProfile:ACoAAAPey3cBXT5ztpWYydzxyVNIDgWNM5bUbU4" data-entity-type="MINI_PROFILE">Dr. Justin P Schor</a><span> an engineer and collision reconstruction expert with </span><a href="" data-attribute-index="3" data-entity-hovercard-id="urn:li:fs_miniCompany:2582858" data-entity-type="MINI_COMPANY">DJS Associates, Inc.</a><span> -- a family owned forensic</span><span> engineering firm where Dr. Schorr has worked since he was a child.  In addition to his collision reconstruction and biomechanical experience, we spent much of the interview discussing autonomous vehicles.  Many of us have heard or read about self-driving cars and the potential impact -- good or bad -- on the number of accidents that would result from their rollout.  But as Justin points out, autonomous vehicles will necessarily be data collection systems so that they can communicate with other autonomous vehicles.  </span>

<span>Will the majority of drivers sign up to have all their vehicle's movements recorded? What's more, some studies show 90% of vehicles will need to be autonomous before we realize tangible safety improvements.  Even if we start mass producing autonomous cars exclusively -- which we are not -- that 90% threshold is years away.   Very interesting topic, that veered into </span>data privacy<span> issues that we did not anticipate. Listen here: </span><a href="" data-attribute-index="8"></a><span>.</span>

<span>For more info about Justin and his team of engineers, check out </span><a href="" data-attribute-index="9"></a><span>.   If you're interesting in being a guest on Call Your Next Witness, please contact <a href="">Brian Gibbons</a> or <a href="">Georgia Coats</a>.</span>


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