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Call Your Next Witness - Winter Wheeler and Brian Gibbons discuss Mediation Strategy and Tactics

July 1, 2021

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On the July 1, 2021 episode of <strong><a href="">Call Your Next Witness</a></strong>, Brian Gibbons interviews Atlanta-based mediator Winter Wheeler.

<span>In addition to being a mother of 4, Winter is a former litigator who started her own mediation practice just before the onset of COVID.   Circumstances being what they were, Winter quickly realized that becoming "fluent" in remote mediation was a necessity, so she got to work and has been able to thrive.    </span>

<span>It is evident from speaking to Winter that she has some unique insights and ideas about how to bring parties together for an effective mediation.   A lot of it comes down to preparing effectively, to establish trust with the parties.   She isn't afraid to build that trust days or even weeks before the mediation, to help make the actual mediation hearing that much more effective.  Her mediation practice has thrived, despite the pandemic, and she expects to be very busy going forward.   And for good reason!   If you’d like to discuss being a guest, or podcast content in general, please reach out to <strong><a data-enc-email="otvoobaf[at]jpzynj.pbz" data-wpel-link="ignore" href="">Brian Gibbons</a></strong>.</span>


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