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August 30, 2018

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Wade Clark Mulcahy LLP was founded in 1994 -- long before LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or regular use of email.   Some of us even recall writing term papers on typewriters, and doing legal research with -- wait for it -- books!   (We weren't equipped to copy our grammar school reports from the internet.  Nope -- we copied them from the encyclopedia!)
As technology progresses, WCM has continued to evolve.  More and more courts require mandatory e-filing, and we are shifting toward being a completely paperless law firm across our New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia offices.  Moreover, our law blog, <a href="">Of Interest</a>, has been active for years, providing weekly insights on current legal issues and cases that we think appeal to insurers and other interested parties.
If you enjoy our weekly blog posts, then follow us on Twitter <em><strong>@WadeClarkLaw</strong></em>, or check out our LinkedIn page, Wade Clark Mulcahy LLP.   We will be featuring similar articles and posts on Twitter, and occasionally commenting on news articles that are relevant to our industry.  And if you're a regular #OfInterest reader, you know that Dennis Wade comments on This and That from time to time. We'll tweet those as well.
And with regard to commentary on pertinent legal issues in the news (ala, "ripped from the headlines") we will be adopting time-tested pub rules: No religion, no politics.  (There are certainly other social media forums for you can find your fill on that!)
Please contact <a href="">Brian Gibbons</a> by email (or while we're at it, on Twitter @bgibbons35) with any questions.   Have a happy and healthy Labor Day weekend!


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