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Has the Whistle Blown for US Football?

December 30, 2011

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American football (a clarification we make for the benefit of our friends across the Pond) is, far and away, America's most <a href="">popular and lucrative</a> sport.  However, notwithstanding the use of pads, the sport is hazardous, and injuries -- life long injuries in particular -- are common.  It has recently been discovered that <a href="">concussions and brain trauma</a> are two of the more hazardous injuries that can result from a career in football.  And now, <a href="">litigation</a> by former NFL players has commenced.  This litigation bears close watching as it might have an <a href=";hp">impact</a> not only on the NFL, but also on many educational and Pop Warner football programs in the US.  After all, it does not take much imagination to envision copycat litigation.
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