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Is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Artwork Hiding Out in Philadelphia?

March 21, 2013

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Last spring we <a href="">told you</a> about a potential break in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist. Whether or not the Connecticut mobster was a rat remains to be seen, but it appears that a <a href=" ">breakthrough</a> has occurred. It now appears that most of the stolen art was transported (post theft) to Connecticut and Philadelphia, where it might still remain. The FBI is launching a full blown “arthunt” for the missing works – which will include posters throughout Philadelphia and a FBI <a href="">web page</a>. The hope is that folks will willingly turn over the artwork since the criminal statute of limitations has expired. We’ll continue to track the story, but, just remember, should you happen to insure someone who turns out to have the art, WCM’s Philadelphia office is all too happy to help out. (Not that as lawyers, we ever hope for contentious claims or lawsuits to arise, mind you).
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