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Mandatory Mediation Established for Sandy Claims (NJ).

February 28, 2013

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NJ’s Department of Banking and Insurance is putting the finishing touches on a <a href=" &et=editorial &bu=New%20Jersey%20Law%20Journal &cn=NJLJ%20Daily%20News%20Alert%3A%20February%2027%2C%202013 &src=EMC-Email &pt=New%20Jersey%20Law%20Journal%20Daily%20News%20Alert &kw=NEW%20JERSEY%20UNVEILS%20MEDIATION%20PLAN%20FOR%20SANDY-RELATED%20COVERAGE%20CLAIMS &slreturn=20130127075032">mediation program</a> for all Sandy coverage disputes with a value of more than $1,000. The program would be mandatory for home, automotive and commercial insurers, but not flood or surplus lines insurers or risk retention organizations. The costs of the mediation would be borne by the insurer.
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