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More Money to Fund US Lawsuits? New Investment Opportunities Abound.


December 8, 2009 at 7:26:45 PM

One of the few curbs on US lawsuits is the cost as, for all sides, a lawsuit is an expensive proposition. To date, US lawsuits have been limited by the absence of third-party litigation funding companies (as can be found in Australia or the UK). Apparently, that is about to change and a new $200 million dollar litigation fund has been established. Whether this is just the tip of the iceberg is a question that cannot yet be answered.
<a href=";src=EMC-Email&amp;et=editorial&amp;bu=The%20Legal%20Intelligencer&amp;pt=TLI%20AM%20Legal%20Alert&amp;cn=tli_am_alert_20091207&amp;kw=Litigation%20Funding%20Beginning%20to%20Take%20Off">;src=EMC-Email&amp;et=editorial&amp;bu=The%20Legal%20Intelligencer&amp;pt=TLI%20AM%20Legal%20Alert&amp;cn=tli_am_alert_20091207&amp;kw=Litigation%20Funding%20Beginning%20to%20Take%20Off</a>

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