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NJ App. Div. Affirms No Cause Verdict In Favor Of WCM In Insurance Broker E&O Case.

March 15, 2010

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In Credit Suisse First Boston v. Lehman, et al, the plaintiff's had sought in excess of $5.5 million in damages from an insurance broker represented by WCM partner, Robert Ball, and a wholesaler. Plaintiffs alleged that the insurance broker and wholesaler failed to procure the appropriate insurance policies to cover a New Orleans hotel owned by Credit Suisse which was the subject of multiple mold claims.
After a 6 week trial, the jury found the insurance broker negligent , but that the negligence did not proximately cause any alleged damages. On appeal , the New Jersey Appellate Division affirmed the verdict finding no error in the jury charge, " little question" that the insurance policies procured required the carrier to defend and indemnify Credit Suisse, and that Credit Suisse's decision to settle the underlying claims without suing the insurance carrier " highly questionable". The latter point had been the basis of WCM's lack of proximate cause argument to the jury.
If you have any questions regarding this trial or appeal , please contact Robert Ball in our New Jersey office.
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