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NJ Court Affirms PIP Insurer's Right To Settle Even If Policy Limits Are Exhausted For Other Claims

December 21, 2009

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Marilus Rodriquez suffered personal injuries in a motor vehicle accident with medical bills for treatment totaling $623,677. The Allstate policy providing PIP benefits to her had $250,000 per accident limits. After Allstate paid $250,000, another unpaid provider, Endo Surgical sought additional benefits over the Allstate policy limits. It argued that while its demand for arbitration was pending, Allstate had a duty to notify it that the insured's PIP benefits were going to be exhausted. The appellate division rejected this argument and affirmed , finding that, absent bad faith, an insurer may settle with one claimant, notwithstanding that the settlement may exhaust the policy limits available for other claimants.

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