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PA Superior Court Affirms Inadmissibility of Some Guilty Pleas in Subsequent Civil Lawsuit.


June 22, 2008 at 2:41:35 PM

In the case of <em>Stumpf v. Nye</em> (PA Superior Court, June 3, 2008), the defendant Nye provided a ring for boxing matches. While at the ring, the plaintiff became involved in a fight with Nye – a fight that caused the plaintiff physical injuries. Nye was charged with a crime and subsequently pleaded to a summary offense of disorderly conduct. In the plaintiff’s resulting civil lawsuit, Nye moved to preclude the admission of the disorderly conduct plea. The trial court granted the motion and the jury ultimately found for the defendant. The plaintiff appealed the trial court’s ruling. The Superior Court rebuffed the plaintiff and affirmed the trial court’s ruling – on the ground that evidence of a conviction on a summary offense (like disorderly conduct) is not admissible in a subsequent civil proceeding.
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