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Potential Break in the Gardner Museum Theft? Reputed Mobster Alleged to Have Info

May 2, 2012

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A reputed Connecticut mobster, <a href=";int_new=54944">Robert Gentile</a>, was arrested in February of illegally selling prescription pain killers and was subsequently arraigned on a number of weapons charges.  But of interest are the comments made by Assistant U.S. Attorney John Durham in federal court in Connecticut that the FBI believes Gentile "had some involvement in connection with stolen property" related to the theft of masterworks from Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990.
But the comments have remained vague, as Durham said FBI agents have had "unproductive discussions" with Gentile about the theft but did not elaborate further.  Gentile's lawyer denies that his client is involved with the art theft and claims that prosecutors  are "piling on" with the gun charges.
We shall continue to follow this story to see if anything further develops.
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