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Rising COVID Numbers Affecting Judiciary (NY)

May 19, 2022

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In recent weeks, many of us have seen COVID numbers begin to rise again, at least with regard to positive tests.    New York City has yet to see any increase in safety protocols in the Courts since those measures were relaxed earlier this year.   But that could change.

Just last week, a 3-day retreat for state judges -- involving over seventy attendees - was held in the Hamptons, and apparently, 20 NYC judges who attended the event have <a href=";utm_source=email&amp;utm_medium=enl&amp;utm_campaign=newsroomupdate&amp;utm_content=20220519&amp;utm_term=nylj">since tested positive for COVID.</a> Will an outbreak among judges prompt any changes for in-person Court practice?  Who knows.   (We note that the linked article indicates a "score" of judges tested positive, which marks  and the first time I've seen "score" used in this context since 1863...)

We have posted in the past about how various <a href="">Court protocols</a> have adjusted to COVID, and how COVID in the Courts generally affects <a href="">claims</a>.    The impact of COVID has ebbed and flowed, and seems to be on the uptick in recent weeks.  I wrote a recent article for the <strong><a href="">Nassau Lawyer</a> </strong>about how masked, distanced trial practice looks in greater New York City in the coming months.   Let's hope this is a last wave of high % positives, and apologies in advance if this post jinxes anything.    If you'd like any more information about these topics, please email me at <a href="">Brian Gibbons</a>

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