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Stupid Criminals (You Can't Make This Stuff Up)

January 9, 2008

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Two men were recently arrested after wheeling a dead man through the streets of New York City in an office chair to a check-cashing store to try to cash his $355 Social Security check. Witnesses saw the two pushing the chair with the deceased flopping from side to side and the two individuals trying to prop him up. They then left the body outside the store, went inside and tried to cash his check. The store's clerk, who knew the deceased, asked the men where he was and they responded that they would go get him. Unbeknowst to them, there was a police detective having lunch at the restaurant next door who noticed a crowd gathering around the body. It was immediately apparent to him that the guy in the chair was dead. The two were arrested as they were in the process of wheeling the body into the check-cashing store. The deceased apparently died the day before of natural causes and the two face check fraud charges.

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