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The New Judicial Hellhole Rankings Are Out!

January 28, 2011

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And Philly tops the list -- <a href=""></a> Atlantic County, New Jersey and New York City are merely on the "watch list."
Of course, as with all rankings, this ranking from the American Tort Reform Association must be taken with more than a grain of salt. A large part of Philadelphia's number one ranking can be attributed to the rise in mass tort cases. But, an equally large part of the ranking seems to flow from the fact that Pennsylvania remains (notwithstanding the introduction of proposed bills in the legislature -- <a href=";sind=0&amp;body=S&amp;type=B&amp;bn=0002">;sind=0&amp;body=S&amp;type=B&amp;bn=0002</a>) one of the few states to retain joint and several liability, i.e. the principle that 1% of negligence buys a defendant the potential of having to satisfy the entire judgment. Insurers beware! Philadelphia might not be so brotherly in its love for you!
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