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WCM and Freeman’s Auction House to Host Philadelphia Valuable and Fine Art Event.

May 31, 2019

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WCM Partner <a href="">Bob Cosgrove</a> and associate <a href="">Lauren Berenbaum</a> have partnered with <a href="">Freeman's Auction House</a>, America's oldest auction house, to host a June 17 panel discussion entitled <a href="">A Beginner's Guide to Insuring Your Collection</a>.  The discussion is designed to demystify some common insurance myths, guide art and valuable collectors in determining what level of coverage is appropriate and provide insight into the overall insurance and claim process.  Joining Bob on the panel are <a href="">Amy Parenti</a>, Vice President, Head of Appraisals at Freeman's, <a href="">Jill Arnold Bull</a>, Senior Vice President, Sales and Fine Art Leader of Private Risk Solutions at Lockton Companies and <a href="">Lauren Travis</a>, President of Corporate Art Services, Inc.

For more information about this event, please contact <a href="">Bob</a>.


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