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WCM Article on Data Privacy Published in DRI’s “For the Defense”

August 3, 2017

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This past week, For the Defense, a publication of the Defense Research Institute, published <strong><a href="">What To Expect When You're Not Expecting a Data Breach</a></strong> written by Brian Gibbons and Lauren Berenbaum.  In the digital age, law firms need to be every more mindful of their status as data collectors, and their responsibility to protect the data that maintain.    Especially in the “paperless” world that we are trending toward, the protection of PII is a challenge.   Law firms – and our clients – need to implement safeguards to protect against potential breaches.  No safeguard is full proof, but we need to take reasonable measures.

The article outlines recent legislation in Europe and throughout the United States, which will lacks comprehensive federal legislation regarding data privacy.   For any attorneys who are (reasonably) intimidated by the cyber-security world, this article offers some guidance on self-protection, which is essential for defense firms who want to adhere to our clients’ guidelines.   If you have questions about WCM’s data privacy and cyber-security practice, please email <a href="">me</a>.


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