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WCM Obtains Judgment of No Coverage in Bucks County, PA Construction Defect Case.

July 11, 2016

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Partner Bob Cosgrove and associate Hillary Ladov were awarded a declaration of no coverage in a Buck County, Pennsylvania coverage action arising out of the defective construction of a residential pool.
In the case of <em>Nautilus Insurance Company v. Crystal Clear Pools, Inc., et al.</em>, the underlying plaintiff allegedly suffered approximately $200,000 damages due to the failure of Nautilus’s insured to timely and correctly construct a pool, decking, and surrounding landscaping.
Throughout pleadings and motion practice, we maintained that a commercial general liability policy does not afford coverage for faulty workmanship, such as that alleged in the underlying complaint. At the close of the pleadings, we moved for entry of an order declaring that no coverage was provided under the policy for the underlying plaintiff’s damages. The court agreed and held that there was no coverage under the policy.
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