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WCM Obtains No Cause Result in Philadelphia Premises Case.


December 10, 2016 at 4:24:37 AM

Partner Robert Cosgrove and associate Erin Connolly recently obtained a finding of “no cause” in a Philadelphia County slip-and-fall case. In <em>Yolanda Jefferson v. Marriott Hotel Services, Inc.</em>, the plaintiff alleged that she slipped and fell on snow and ice while exiting a SEPTA bus outside of the Downtown Philadelphia Marriott located at 12th and Market Streets. The plaintiff argued that Marriott negligently maintained its property by failing to clear the snow/ice, causing the plaintiff to fall and sustain injuries. In opposition, WCM argued that Marriott could not be held liable for the plaintiff’s alleged injuries because the plaintiff could not establish that she fell on Marriott property. WCM further argued that the plaintiff (1) failed to establish any evidence regarding the snow and ice and whether it unreasonably obstructed her travel as required under PA law; (2) failed to establish any evidence of Marriott’s notice of the snow/ice; and (3) failed to establish medical causation to the alleged incident. After hearing the evidence, a verdict in favor of WCM's client was returned.
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