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WCM Wins Summary Judgment on Melted Ice Slip and Fall

December 14, 2018

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Recently, Mike Bono &amp; Dana Purcaro of WCM obtained Summary Judgment for their client, in a decision issued by Judge Sherman in Supreme Court, Bronx County on the matter of <em><a href="">Diplan v. Ergas</a></em>, Index #605980/2014. Plaintiff was working at the defendant’s home as a housekeeper when she slipped and fell on water on the garage floor, which was a result of a bag of ice that was recently left in the garage and had begun to melt. The bag of ice was placed in the garage earlier that day by our clients’ daughter who did not permanently reside within the home.

Despite knowing that our clients’ daughter placed the ice in the garage prior to the accident, plaintiff never sought to depose her or amend their complaint to add her as a direct defendant in the action. At the close of discovery, we moved for SJ on the grounds that our clients did not create or have actual or constructive notice of the allegedly dangerous condition. We also pointed out to the court that the condition itself is not the type that would have been present for long enough to place constructive notice onto our clients.

Plaintiff opposed the motion stating that our clients were responsible for the placement of the ice in the garage as it is their home and they are responsible for the negligent conduct of anyone in their home. The Court rejected plaintiff's argument, and found no triable issue of fact as to whether our clients caused the condition or had notice of the presence of melting ice in the garage. The Court also pointed out that the plaintiff failed to take testimony or amend the complaint to include the non-party daughter who put the ice in the garage despite having knowledge of her existence for several years prior to the submission of the motions.

Please email <a href="">Dana Purcaro</a> with any questions.


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