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What Does the Sequester Mean for the US Legal System?

February 28, 2013

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Notwithstanding the fact that most Americans <a href="">are not following it</a>, the <a href="">sequester</a>, the across-the-board spending cuts that Congress and President Obama agreed to as part of a budget/debt ceiling compromise but never really wanted, is set to go into effect tomorrow. If that occurs, the federal judiciary is looking at <a href="">cuts</a> to as many as 4,400 employees (a cut that will affect judge’s law clerks) and, if funding is not restored, all civil jury trials might be suspended as of November 2013 (since there will be no money to pay jurors). Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that, but appeals to the <a href="'s_first_inaugural_address">better angels of our nature</a> are not always successful. In the meantime, be prepared for even slower justice, or the rough equivalent of justice that exists in the civil legal system.
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