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Casualty Defense

Casualty Defense

When confronted with a “heavy” casualty case, our clients often ask us, “What do you know about plaintiffs’ attorney?” Just as reputation is an important factor in risk assessment, so, too, is the reputation of defense counsel. WCM enjoys a reputation as a firm of trial lawyers prepared to go the distance. And it is that very reputation among the plaintiff’s bar that fosters excellent results in negotiations, court-order settlement conference and private mediations. WCM lawyers don’t push paper or “process” files, we think strategically and how best to advance our client’s position at every stage of the litigation. Our relentless advocacy begins at case intake and continues until the matter is closed.

As a regional firm, we try cases across the entire casualty spectrum, from products to premises, in state and federal courts in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. And, in fact, our reputation as skilled advocates has prompted the admission, pro hac vice, of WCM lawyers in many jurisdictions across the country. WCM acts for national and international insureds and self-insurers in matters ranging across the broad reach of tort liability. Partnering with our clients, we have achieved unparalleled success in developing creative approaches to defending actions across all significant risk categories: Premises, Auto, Trucking, Construction, Dram Shop/Liquor Liability, Restaurant/Tavern Owners, Hotel, Security/Loss Prevention, Elevator, Sports and Recreation, Entertainment/Facilities Management, Day/Elder Care, Waste Management, Sick Building Syndrome and Toxic Exposures.

The courtroom savvy of WCM lawyers is matched by a comprehensive understanding of the complex interplay between statutory (Labor Law, OSHA, BOCA) considerations and common law practices. In addition, the firm’s well-recognized insurance expertise gives our clients the comfort of knowing that risk transfer, additional insured, and indemnity issues are understood and appropriately managed. But regardless of the contest, WCM puts our clients first and we always seek the cleanest and most efficient solutions to the risks they face.

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