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Call Your Next Witness- Murray Singer


March 3, 2023 at 7:25:50 AM

<div class="css-2sbt25">
<div class="css-tqzj88">Murray Singer has been a practicing criminal attorney for 40 years in New York City, including 13 years as an appellate and trial attorney with the Legal Aid Society, and in private practice since then.   Aside from being considered a mentor by many less experienced attorneys, it was refreshing to speak with Murray about what he has learned about the practice of law, how to interact with opposing counsel in an adversarial context, and about maintaining and cultivating your reputation.    Despite what most legally themed documentaries may suggest, defense attorneys and prosecutors tends to get along, largely because they'll have to work together on dozens if not hundreds of other cases.   Credibility is everything.   Listen here: -- or wherever you download podcasts.</div>
<div class="css-tqzj88">This is a great listen for younger attorneys interested in trial practice.   For more information about Murray and his practice, check out <strong></strong>  And for questions about the podcast, email <a href="">Brian Gibbons</a>.</div>

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