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Coronavirus Pandemic and WCM

March 13, 2020

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The news cycle as it pertains to Coronavirus seems to be changing by the minute, and WCM has been monitoring these updates along with everyone else.   In the wake of increased governmental warnings issued related to the pandemic, Wade Clark Mulcahy LLP remains fully operational.    However, in light of the uptick in quarantines in the areas where we practice, as well as the likely limitations on travel within high-density population areas like New York and Philadelphia, we are strongly encouraging all attorneys and staff to work remotely, from their homes, effective today (March 13, 2020.)

All attorneys will have full access to their digital files, and we expect to conduct "business as usual" as we continue to monitor the situation.   But because most of us will not be physically at our desks, email will be the most effective means to reach us.  And if you are checking our website for information regarding our Court and Deposition calendar, please contact Marlynn Saintil at <a href=""></a>.

Lastly, we wish good health and safe travels to our friends, partners, clients -- and even our adversaries 😉 – during these unique times, and a heartfelt thanks to the medical professionals working around the clock right now.   Stay safe and be well.

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