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Rotten Tomatoes – Used for Food, Not Just Bad Acting.

February 25, 2010

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SK Foods is one of the largest tomato processors in the United States. It appears that one reason for its growth was not the quality of its tomatoes, but rather the quality of its graft. According to published reports, over the last several years, SK Foods has been shipping contaminated (with things like mold) and below standard (e.g. unacceptable levels of acidity) product to some of the largest food companies in the United States. SK Foods was selected by companies like Kraft and B&G Foods because these companies’ purchasing agents took bribes in exchange for selecting SK Foods as a vendor. It does not appear that use of the contaminated food products has resulted in a documented case of sickness, but the American legal system being what it is, lawsuits against companies like Kraft and B&G Foods seem likely.
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